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Our motto at The

Nutty Irishman is...

“Cold Beer, Great Music and Good Times”,

however, it is far more than that. This happening place on Main Street in Farmingdale isn’t just a destination; it’s a place to visit for a sensory experience. The minute you walk through the doors, the Hard Oak Bar and Natural Wood wainscot offer an immediate sense of comfort. TV’s around the bar offer up all NFL games for the Football fans in the group.

After the bartender greets you with a warm friendly smile and offers a bar stool, you then smell the Tri-blended burgers and jumbo teriyaki wings coming from the newly staffed kitchen. Head Chef Eric has cornered the area dishing up the best burgers and wings on Long Island. In a short time, you notice the 26 beer taps colorfully lined up and begin the joy of tasting the different craft beers from national and local breweries. The experienced bartenders enthusiastically describe each craft beer and its different taste bud nuances.

It is not always easy to decide on just one so you opt for the “Beer Flight”, (5 different 10oz beer taster). You then hear music playing and notice how large a place The Nutty Irishman is. Aside from the front dining area, there is a much larger space where live music can be seen most nights. Elevated stage, concert style lighting and a sound system that offers music lovers some of the best bands in the tristate area. The realization that The Nutty Irishman has something for everyone begins to resonate in your mind. This is a place to visit when you want an experience, not just a bar.

Although it’s hard to surmise who we are in one sentence, the moto
“Cold Beer, Great Music and Good Times”
seems to be a suitable.

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