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    Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    Country Music on Long Island: A Rebirth of the Coolest Music!

    Sunsets - Pickup Trucks - Moonlight - Jeans & T-shirts - Dogs - Dirt Roads - Breakups - Moms & Dads - Birth - Death - Love - Laughter - Families - Trouble - Fast Cars - Tailgates - Guitars - Beer - Heartache - Faith - Sundays - Fishing - God - Line Dancing 
    Residents of Long Island and the surrounding area have come to know the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale as one of the liveliest country music places on the map. Country music has had a long and meaningful history with the American public. In the early part of the 20th century some referred to it as "hillbilly music", a term that was later abandoned as "denigrating". Country music developed into a genre accounting for two of the highest-grossing solo artists ever: Elvis Presley, and Garth Brooks. Whether you call it honky tonk, bluegrass, rockabilly or something else; country music has garnered a group of loyal fans, many of them country-lovers for generations.

    The old time loyalists; lovers of that country twang have remained. Today they are joined by a number of vibrant young country fans. Some of these fans hated country music as children, but as they've grown up and into family roles they realize the truthfulness and wholesomeness of country music. It's deep, it's sexy, and it's exciting. There has been a rebirth of country music, and it has created a collective fanbase where the old-timers have started to appreciate the new fans, and together they are driving the country resurgence. 

    Have you spent much time listening to country music? Have you ever visited the Nutty Irishman on Country Night? You just might enjoy an entire new genre of music! Give country music a try. The twangy tunes have changed over the years. It's not as sad and depressing as you might have been led to believe. You might actually have a good time and want to consider jamming to it every day. You may find that you enjoy the good ole tunes of the past, or the new hits. Many people who begin to love country have so much fun that they convince others to join them.

    YEE-HAW! Come on down to the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale. It is by far the most fun and popular spot to see country music! You can always find the most up to date country events on the Nutty Irishman Website in the Country Section. 

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